Write Thank You Notes to Show Appreciation


Here are a few excellent occasions to send out hand-written thank you notes:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Thanks for stopping by my Open House
  • Thank homeowners after a listing opportunity
  • When you’ve won a listing
  • Congrats on your new home
  • Home Anniversary
  • Referral thank you
  • Announce a new listing to neighbors

Your note can be short and sweet like the following examples:

“Thank you for deciding to work with me — let’s get your home sold! I’m committed to doing everything in my power to ensure a quick and successful sale for you.”

“It was a pleasure meeting your family and I really enjoyed show you homes today. I’m looking forward to helping you find the perfect home and getting you settled.”

“Your neighbor just selected me to sell their home! If you know of a friend or family member looking for a stunning home in this area and you’d like to have them live closer, don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

“You’re home! Wishing you a happy home anniversary, I can’t believe it was four years ago today you were handed over the keys to your stunning home. I am proud to think of you as a satisfied client and hope you many happy years continued in your home.” 

Here’s a handy tip: Keep a small stash of notecards and stamped envelopes in your car and before you head to your next appointment, write a brief note and drop it in the mail. Your quick follow-up will be noticed!