3 Tips for Writing Sales Subject Lines


Subject lines are the reason readers open or don’t open your latest email. If no one is reading your email, it doesn’t matter how great your message is. Here are some tips on crafting sales emails with a high open-rate.

#1 – Short and Sweet. Use as few words as possible. People are busy and will disregard emails that take too long to get to the point. After writing your first draft, think about how you can get this point across in fewer words. Also, the fewer words in the subject, the more of your message will show in the email preview. For example, “Are you still there?” is way better than “I have been having a difficult time getting a hold of you.” 

#2 – Call To Action. Have confidence and make sure the reader knows what the next step is. Making an authoritative statement comes off more knowledgeable than asking a question. Something like, “Sell your home today!” is more assertive than “Are you looking to sell your home?”

#4 – Proofread. Nothing looks more unprofessional than spelling and grammar errors. You must uphold your brand standards, a spelling error can undermine your entire image. Proofread, take some time, and proofread again. Even get a second pair of eyes on it, we tend to miss things when we re-read our own writing over and over again. Consider downloading Grammarly, a free service that not only checks spelling but also your grammar.

Using these tips can make the difference in connecting with your reader, or ending up in the junk folder.