Flex Your Position as a Local Expert


You’ve got resources at your fingertips to remind your clients and contacts you are their best choice when it comes to real estate. Here are three to use on a regular basis: 

Market Snapshots

Easily download market snapshot reports that provide the latest overview, by price range, of the sub-markets in each MLS area we serve. To strengthen your position as a broker of “Northwest Knowledge,” make a practice of downloading your local data each week to stay on top of the trends and variables that impact your clients. These are updated every Monday morning.

PIP (Property Investment Profile)

The PIP is an automated email to homeowners that puts extremely relevant neighborhood activity information in front of them on a regular basis. You can opt to include a market value range or not. Set them up for your clients and new homeowners so they can stay apprised of their investment’s value.

60-Second Market Video

In less than a minute, get a clear and accurate update on real estate activity and price trends in your area. Our videos feature current and historical local MLS data using simple graphics to show a true market snapshot. Sharing on social media is easy, just click the share button in the right-hand corner of the video to share on Facebook or Twitter. Right-click on the video to (save video as) download and upload it anywhere!

Or, you could share them with your sphere in an eCard. Just log into your BHHS REsource Center account, go to Marketing REsource, and search for template #1062700. Upload the downloaded video to the top section and insert your message.