Why You Need an Agent Bio


Even though not every reader will relate to your story, a great bio will inspire others to appreciate your journey. Your bio isn’t the place to sell your service, it’s a place to show your value and why you love what you do. It’s okay to use the same bio on other profiles like your Google My Business page, Zillow, Realtor.com, and more.

You only get one first impression, so include a recent, professional headshot in or near your bio. If you need to find a local photographer, ask your front desk or manager for a suggestion.

Write a Knockout Bio

Your bio is a great place to showcase your connection to community projects or hint to your passions outside of real estate, authentically sharing with others why they should decide to work with you (in 300 words or less). Share your achievements and values as you reference your experience. If you’re new to real estate, speak to the skillset you bring to the table. Don’t forget to end your bio with a call to action to nudge the reader to contact you or consider you when they are ready to buy or sell. 

Update your bio annually! Your life and career will grow and change, so should your bio.

Here’s a great example from Jordyn Jones in Lake Oswego:

“Growing up, HGTV was my family’s favorite TV Network. We would watch Trading Spaces, Room by Room, House Hunters and more. Many shows focused on the house hunt, which was fun and exciting to see many different styles. Then you would watch as they chose a house they would pick to purchase. Other shows were more DIY and home makeover shows. I loved being able to watch a house that needed some tender love and care, turn into a home that felt warm, cozy and fresh! As I grew older home construction, interior design and house hunting were still something I enjoyed! I would see an open house sign while driving down the road and pop-in just to see the home. Opportunities presented themselves after graduating college and I was able to be in the real estate industry every day. I have a heavy new construction background with a lot of knowledge of the home building process. What I realized after years of being on the back end of the construction process, I was missing out on seeing people walk into a home, smile and say “this feels like home…” Being able to hand over the keys and say “Welcome home!” Was something that warmed my heart. So I transitioned into becoming a Realtor in the Portland Metro Area to help people find their new place to call home. Not only do I have fun looking at thousands of homes, but I connect with people and help them in their new stage of life. It is more than a house. I am finding a place for people to create memories that is safe, comforting and called home. I am the support system, connector, resource, and real estate expert for my clients. I cannot wait to start this journey with you!”  – Jordyn Jones, Lake Oswego office.