Storing Gear in your Pacific Northwest Home


If you live in the Pacific Northwest there is a good chance you have too much gear. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, surfing and kayaking, the outdoor activities are endless. You could literally plan a new excursion every weekend and never hit the same destination twice. During the work-week when you are not trekking out to a new waterfall or renting a yurt on the coast, where do you put all of your gear? Don’t let the chaos left behind from your weekend stress you out, check out these tips for storing gear in your home.

Tip 1: First of all, declutter. We tend to acquire a lot of gear over the years, so get rid of that extra bike helmet, old tent poles and the hammock with a hole in it. Only keep what you actually use.

Tip 2: Remember your backpacks and bags can act as storage when they are not being used. Keep your bag packed to save space and streamline your departure.

Tip 3: Use a laundry basket in the corner of your shed or garage to store oddly long items like oars or ski poles.

Tip 4: Buy plastic totes or bins and organize by activity and season.

Tip 5: Add multi-shelf racks in your garage, shed, or storage room.

Tip 6: Install a peg board to store hangable items like rock climbing gear and cast iron cookware.

Tip 7: Store your kayak, stand up paddle board, or bike in a way that maximizes space. Don’t let gravity hold you down, think hooks on walls or even the ceiling of your garage.

Tip 8: Use your gear! There is no point in creating space for it if you don’t get out and explore the Northwest. Hang up photos of your excursions on the wall of your storage room to keep your sense of adventure going.