Dog-Friendly Cities of the Pacific Northwest

A PNW Pup with Mt. Hood in the background.

According to Rover the Pacific Northwest contains some of the most dog-friendly cities in America. As a loving pawrent, making sure a city can support your pup’s lifestyle is a very important factor when thinking about a big move. Here are some reasons why Seattle and Portland might top your pet’s list when it comes to buying a new home.

#1 Seattle

Walkability: Seattle gets an extremely high walkability score of 98 from Known as a walker’s paradise, there’s no need to load up into the car when heading to the local pet store or park.

Dog Parks: Seattle boasts over 20 dog parks and off-leash areas within the city. Some of the cities top parks include Northacres Off-leash Dog Area, Golden Gardens Park, Warren G. Magnuson Park, Woodland Park, and Magnolia Manor Park.

Hiking trails nearby: Although the Pacific Northwest has hiking options around every corner, you don’t have to leave the city limits to hit the trails. Head to Cheasty Blvd Trail, Taylor Creek and Trail, or the Schmitz Preserve Trail to exercise your canine companion.

Other offerings: Check out Voff Bark and Brew for a unique take on a sports bar. Dogs of all ages are welcome to roam the bar area or head out to the wood-chip-lined play area while you enjoy 25 different beer, wine, and cider offerings.

Family With Children And Pet Dog Sit On Steps Of Home

#2 Portland

Walkability: Although slightly less walkable than Seattle, Portland is amazingly pet-friendly. As you jaunt around shopping downtown, you won’t get any dirty looks taking your little one into most local shops. There is a multitude of outdoor patios around the city too, so take your fur baby on a lunch date when the weather permits.

Dog Parks: The Parks and Recreation departments of Portland must truly love animals because Portland also has upwards of 25 dog parks in the city. Check out Thousand Acres, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Laurelhurst Park, or Chimney Park.

Hiking trails nearby: One of the best advantages of living in Portland is you are just a 45-minute drive away from a run on the beach at the coast or some intense incline in the mountains. Although this is true, there’s no need for a road trip to exercise your dog. Check out Forest Park, Pittock Mansion, or the Leif Erikson trailhead, all right in the city.

Other Factors: There is nothing worse than heading on a business trip and leaving your pup behind. Flights can seriously stress your dog out, and who wants to board their dog at a kennel? Portland has you covered with a multitude of dog hotels, like Sniff, where you can leave your pet in the lap of luxury for a worry-free vacation.

You and your pup will love living in the Pacific Northwest no matter which city your future home is located. For more information on specific neighborhoods that your pets will enjoy, reach out to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate and find an agent in Oregon and SW Washington or Seattle.