Condo vs. House


What is a better fit for your lifestyle? Read on to find out.

Condo Pros


A condo is generally cheaper than buying an entire house. This is because they don’t come with the land underneath the house, you are literally buying the building, not the land that goes with it.

Less maintenance

Probably the biggest plus to having a condo is the fact that you don’t have to repairs yourself. The manager of the property will certainly be able to any heating or cooling issues, plumbing, and sometimes even things like yardwork depending on your HOA.


Many condos have great amenities! These can include pools and spas, shared entertainment spaces, dog parks, and even playgrounds for your little ones.

House Pros

More Privacy

Because you aren’t sharing your property with others, you get a lot more privacy with a house. Your noisy neighbors are generally a bit further away and you won’t have anyone cutting through your yard to get to the park.

More customization

Many condos don’t allow for much customization to space, depending on the HOA rules. With your own home, you can do whatever you want. Paint your home any color or add a deck without any complaints, it’s your property.

Condo Cons

HSOA Rules +Fees

Those amenities, shared spaces, and maintenance doesn’t come for free. You will likely pay a monthly or annual fee to your HSOA in order to fund these services.

Usually smaller

This isn’t always true, but generally, your condo space is going to be smaller than purchasing your own home. This is great for someone who prefers low maintenance but is negative to a larger family.

House Cons

More expensive

Houses are more expensive, but it’s important to remember from above, you are getting the land along with the home. This also comes with taxes, fees, insurance, and maintenance which really adds up.

More maintenance

It was mentioned previously but things come up when you are a homeowner. Your furnace might go out, or your tub might start leaking and someone has to pay to fix it. The older the home, the more maintenance comes with it, so keep that in mind.

We hope this helps you make your decision between home and condo. If you need to talk with someone about it feel free to contact your nearest Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate office and take some tours of both for a first-hand look.