Pacific Northwest Hikes: Crater Lake


Volume 4: Crater Lake

Crater Lake is an extremely beautiful and a must-see for anyone living in the Pacific Northwest. This is America’s deepest lake and sits inside a collapsed volcano. Some scientists actually claim it is the cleanest large body of water in the world. The glass-like water is surrounded by a mountain ridge, and in the center sits Wizard Island. Wizard Island is actually a Volcanic Cylinder cone.

The cost for a visitor’s pass is $30 in the summer and $20 in the winter. Pets are allowed, but only on certain trails, none of which have a view of the lake. Keep that in mind when you decide to bring your pup or not. If you are looking to swim, beware, the lake is really cold! That being said you can reach the shore using the Cleetwood Cove trail, which opens around mid-June. There are also boat tours to the island if you would like to hit the water without actually getting in.

Make sure you check out this state park extra early, lines leading up to the park can last hours later in the afternoon. It’s best to visit in the summer, in the fall and winter fog will often impair your view of the lake. That being said, on a clear winter day, the snow is an epic addition to the experience.

For more information on Crater Lake, head to their official site here.