Outdoor Activities Near Eugene, Oregon


The wonderful thing about the Pacific Northwest is you can explore the outdoors all year long. Eugene, Oregon is no exception to that rule. Here are the top outdoor activities you need to experience in Lane County.

  1. Mckenzie River Recreational Trail.

With its ice blue water, moss-covered landscape, and refreshing mountain air, the Mckenzie River hiking trails are some of the most coveted trails in the Pacific Northwest, and maybe the world. There are countless waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and too many trees to count. Hop on your mountain bike or take a leisurely stroll through these amazing rain forests for an experience like none other. The best part is, there are so many trails along the Mckenzie that you can try a new one each weekend!

2. Mount Pigsah.

This 3.3-mile trail is heavily trafficked but definitely worth the trek to the top. Dogs are allowed on the trail, and you can even take your horse if you are an experienced rider. The incline is quite moderate so it is very popular for families, even those with younger children.

3. Spencer Butte.

The ridge-line trail system has some of the best trails in Oregon, and they are located just outside of the city of Eugene. One of the best trails in the system is the one leading to the top of Spencer Butte. The Spencer Butte trail caps off the hike with some mild “rock climbing” to the top, where you can see a complete view of the city of Eugene. There is also a much easier trail that skips the rock obstacles and is only about a mile long if you want to enjoy the view without the workout.

4. Pre’s Trail.

Steve Prefontaine has become a mythical figure in the city of Eugene. He was a world champion distance runner at the University of Oregon and popularized Nike footwear. Pre is a big reason why Eugene is known as Track Town USA to this day. The trail to Pre’s rock sits in the heart of the university campus and is a must-visit for running enthusiasts everywhere.