Create Your Own Outdoor Kitchen Space


Extend your living area and build a backyard entertainment space for summer guests by creating an outdoor kitchen.

Plan to surround your grill or cooktop surface with a prep area, storage for plates and utensils, shelving areas for nonrefrigerated condiments and food, and appliances if budget allows. Select the grill or cooktop on the front-end of your planning, as the construction and setup process will factor onto overall dimensions and layout.

With the addition of counterspace comes the benefit of cabinetry to create extra storage for added accessories like cutlery, outdoor dishware, a blender, or kegerator. Due to the weather changes and dampness in the Pacific Northwest, not just any variety of cabinet will do. Look into weatherproof cabinets—popular styles include the industrial look of 304 stainless steel, the practical structure of marine grade polymer, or a refreshingly natural teak.

If space allows, upgrade with add-on features to expand the capabilities of the kitchen with these popular appliances:

• Pizza Oven
• Dishwasher
• Ice machine
• Kegerator
• Fryer
• Built-in ice chest

Flooring is an important consideration in the outdoor kitchen and dining area. You’ll want to allow easy flow between spaces. Opting for concrete flooring is cost-effective, while stone or tile may add some expense but allow for creativity in design. Play with the color and textures of stone and tile to tie in the surrounding nature.

Another important area to consider is the gathering space. Incorporating seating behind a counter or bar can be a great alternative to a large sofa or bulky furniture. When construction is complete, you’ll have a new way to enjoy summer moments and create long-lasting memories with friends and family.