Dream Home, Nightmare Street.


Your realtor helped you find your dream home, but there’s one problem, the street is a work in progress. With our rainy weather, potholes and bumps are a common problem in the Pacific Northwest, but don’t let that stop you from purchasing the perfect house. Here are some solutions to filling potholes and improving the condition of your block.

Have the city pave or level and grade.

Many cities may have a program in place to help improve your street. Contact your local transportation department to see if there is already a plan in the works.


Local Improvement Districts (LIDs) are a great way to get an unpaved road paved. LIDs are a group of property owners joining together to build needed paving, sidewalks, and stormwater infrastructure to current city standards/code. Your new neighbors are likely frustrated with the condition of the street as well, as you meet them, try to organize a LID.

Do the work yourself.

First of all, you will want to clear this with the city to make sure it is up to their standards. Alerting them your intent to fix the problem on your own may even push them to help you out. For a gravel road, this process isn’t so hard. Gravel is not all that expensive, with a little help from neighbors you could fill out a block on a weekend. You, of course, would need all the tools necessary. A Truck, shovels, and gravel from a local gravel pit. If you are going to attempt an asphalt project, this could be a bit harder, but if you have the know-how it’s definitely an option.