1. Colorful Cabinetry: The latest trend is a colorful touch to the kitchen mixed with natural wood elements. The color of the year is a rich emerald green that contains a subtle hint of indigo blue.

2. Open Shelving: Minimalism is catching on in the kitchen, homeowners are decluttering cabinets and embracing simplistic open shelving. Try to accent shelving with features like brass supports to match your faucets or hardware.

3. Backsplash to the ceiling: Backsplash tile expanding to the ceiling is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners incorporate open shelving, it’s a great way to accent the wall behind the displayed items on the shelf.

4. Natural drawer pulls: Wood and leather drawer pulls play on natural elements. Leather drawer pulls add texture and warmth to the kitchen, a balance with metal and stone elements.

5. Gunmetal, pewter, and matte black: Faucets are quite diverse this year, depending on the appliances and finishes in your kitchen, you could dip into any number of new trends such as pewter, gunmetal, or matte black.

6. Digital tech: Take advantage of the advances a new year brings with technology. For a small investment, you can sample your favorite wines from the comfort of your own dream kitchen with a single pour preservation system.

7. Vanishing sinks: Invisible sinks that flow just beneath the countertop are transitioning into kitchens. These sinks vanish within the plane of the countertop with the faucet being the only visible item.

8. Pendant light fixtures: Pendant lights hanging over an island are the new norm in an updated kitchen. Many designers elect to use large fixtures or repurposed industrial sized fixtures to illuminate with drama.

9. Integrated appliances: Integrate your appliances by hiding them within cabinets for a streamlined, smooth, cohesive kitchen. You can hide bulky refrigerators, vent hoods and more!

10. Creative storage options: If you’re taking the time to integrate and hide your appliances, creative storage options are the next step to declutter and add a touch of minimalism.