3 Ways to Generate Real Estate Business using your Smartphone.


50 years ago computers were the size of a house, now you have one of the most advanced and powerful tools ever created sitting in your pocket. While many people are using their personal supercomputers to play Mario Kart or scroll through Instagram, here are three ways for you to generate more real estate business using your smartphone.

Video at Closing.

There is no better image than a brand new homeowner smiling ear-to-ear upon signing their closing documents. Why not take out your smartphone and capture the moment? (with permission of course) You just witnessed perhaps the happiest moment of your client’s life, which could make some excellent referral content. Start rolling and ask these simple questions. One, what just happened? Two, who helped you find your dream home? Once you have the footage, edit it down and insert some brand elements. Now you have some amazing content and testimonials to share on social media and your personal blog.

Facetime, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories for virtual tours.

Coordinating home viewings can be a pain, especially with out-of-town buyers. Why aren’t you utilizing video conferencing technology to make things easier for everyone? If you know you will be at a listing that someone has a potential interest in, just give them a quick text and ask if you can Facetime with them. Give them the quick overview, walk room to room, and if they love it then schedule the real deal. Using this same concept you can even host virtual open houses on Facebook Live or Instagram Stories and find out which of your followers would like to see the home in person. You are a busy broker, and time is money, don’t waste your most valuable asset on scheduling conflicts and no-shows.

Sneak Previews.

The last thing we will mention is the “Sneak Preview”. If you get a brand new listing that isn’t quite on the market yet, send out a sneak preview as you wait for photography to come in. You can get a jump on the competition and potentially acquire both sides of the sale. This will show you are working harder than your competitors. As you leave the listing, make a quick video of your self with the home in the background or in a room that will make a statement. From there talk about how the house will soon hit the market. As they say, the early bird gets the worm.

Of course, don’t forget to use your phone for its original intention, phone calls. Get those cold calls in and start building relationships. For more marketing and real estate tips, contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate and think about joining our team. Our leadership has over 100 years of combined experience at the tip of your fingertips.

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