Fool-Proof Ways to Get Testimonials


The absolute best way to boost your reputation and gain brand awareness is to build up your online presence. You can post all of the articles and listings you want, but nothing is going to sell your services like a real-life recommendation from one of your satisfied clients. Here are three ways to get those testimonials flowing in.


Everybody and their grandmother are on Facebook these days, in fact, your grandmother might be a great place to start. We recommend asking your sphere to recommend you on Facebook. Simply make a post asking everyone to head to your page, click reviews, and write their own. Now, of course, the most valuable feedback will come from someone you help close on a home, but any positive feedback is a plus. Business associates, co-workers, and yes even grandma, can write a review on your page talking about your excellent service or character. The more recommendations you have, the better you look to potential clients. The best part is, whenever someone recommends your page, that review is broadcast to their entire network of friends and family, boosting your online presence. Don’t forget to share their review!

Video/Visual Content at Closing.

Do you know what’s even better than a recommendation on Facebook? A live video of your client as they finally receive the keys to their brand new home. This is potentially the most exciting moment of their life, wouldn’t it be amazing to capture their joy and associate it with your personal brand? Of course, you will need to get permission first, it is likely many people won’t want to record a live video. If you start with the video, asking for a photo will seem a lot more doable. Sharing a photo of your happy client with their new home or sold sign still makes for heartwarming digital content. After you share on your favorite social media channels or your blog, ask the new homeowner to share with their contacts online.

Send an Email Requesting Testimonials.

So we covered Facebook and social media, but what about sites like Zillow and of course the king of search, Google? These sites are a little bit trickier to garner reviews, that’s where email comes in. You can use a fancy email management tool like Mailchimp, (if you are a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest agent we have built-in email templates and action plans) or you can even get more personal sending emails one-by-one. You’ll want to grab a link to your Google Business page or your Zillow account and craft a nice message asking your happiest clients to review your page. You might not get them all to bite, but even a few extra five-star reviews go along way in helping you show up in search results ahead of the competition in your area.

Real Satisfied

Each Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Estate Professionals broker gets a Real Satisfied account. Real Satisfied is automated and helps you get reviews on It can also assist you in getting recommendations on your other profiles, learn more about that here. Read on for a summary of how Real Satisfied works.

And there you have it, with these simple steps you can make sure your online reputation is booming. This tip was free, but for more information on how you can take your digital marketing game to the next level, contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate about joining our team below.

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