Pacific Northwest Home Design


Does the Pacific Northwest have their own specific interior design style? We certainly think so. In this article, we will be laying out what we believe to be the quintessential PNW style.

Home Styles.

When you think of an overarching home style of the Pacific Northwest, the first thing that comes to mind is mid-century modern. This home-style was popularized from the 1930s to the 1960s and at the time seemed like a very futuristic and progressive aesthetic. A little less typical, but the other home-style that comes to mind, especially as you move beyond the larger cities of the northwest, is the A-frame. A-frame cabins and homes have become synonymous with the Northwest and you will see them scattered about the heavily wooded trails as you camp and hike the wilderness. As for home interiors, you will see open concepts, minimalist design, and an abundance of windows that draw nature in. You will also notice some industrial highlights such as exposed beams or concrete floors.


Oregon and Washington are very green states, so sustainability is important to many homeowners. You will often see homes built with local resources including salvaged wood and energy-efficient appliances.

Bringing Nature In

Pacific Northwest designers love to bring elements of nature into their homes. Wood floors and walls, metal framing, and stone features are currently very trendy. You will also see a ton of greenery throughout homes. Pothos, Philodendron, Flamingo, Bromeliad, and Umbrella trees are some popular plants that survive well during the grey winters with little to no sunlight.


Clean lines and warm tones are very popular and make a Northwest home much more inviting. Greys and neutral colors in contrast with wood features are the epitomai of PNW design. You will also see rich patterns that pay homage to Native American heritage and of course the official fabric of the northwest, flannel. Pretty much any pattern or texture you would see at Oregon’s Pendleton Woolen Mill is fair game.


Furniture is the trickiest touch because it isn’t just about design, it has to fit your lifestyle as well. Keeping with the natural theme, leather couches and chairs fit perfectly with Northwest style. Wool or cowhide rugs keep with this theme along with more salvaged wood for any remaining furniture.

Do you have anything to add that you think defines this Pacific Northwest style? Let us know in the comment section.