Pacific Northwest Hikes: Mount Rainier


Volume 2: Mount Rainier

In this edition of our Pacific Northwest Hikes series, we are heading to one of the most beautiful views in Washington, Mount Rainier. If you are in the Tacoma area you may hear it referred to as Mount Tacoma, don’t be confused the names are used interchangeably. Rainier is one of the more well-known mountains in the Pacific Northwest and is just around two and a half hours southeast of Seattle. This cascade mountain is also a volcano and is actually considered somewhat dangerous because of its potential for eruption. Talk about an extreme hike! Just think, you’ll be able to tell all of your friends you traversed an active volcano.

The hikes surrounding Rainier aren’t all about the mountain views, you will also find quite a few waterfalls in the area. Narada Falls specifically is a can’t miss adventure for photographers. Unfortunately, the state park is not dog friendly, but if you want to bring your four-legged friend along, head to nearby Pacific Crest Trail. There is also a cost associated with entering the national park, $30 for vehicles and $15 for cyclists, but it is well worth the cost. Summer is definitely the peak season to visit, in the winter months the misty weather can obscure the view of the mountain peak. make sure you get an early start, you can expect to wait in line at the park entrance if you get there later in the afternoon.

After the hike check out Olympia, Washington for some drinks and a bite to eat at Anthony’s Homeport or Dockside Bistro. For more Pacific Northwest hiking ideas stay tuned to Northwest Knowledge.