Fireplace Facelift on a Budget



As winter sets in and temperatures drop, a warm fireplace can be a popular feature. If you love your fireplace but wish it had a more modern look, here are a few tips for a budget-friendly makeover.

Before updating your fireplace, make sure to clean it well after being in hibernation. For woodburning, remove ash from the firebox. Cold ash can be spread on plants as a great source of nutrients. At the end of every season, the chimney should be swept to prevent creosote build-up.

Low-cost design element trends:
• If you decide to build up your fireplace, the latest trend is accentuating up to the ceiling, allowing the space to open up.
• Large marble tile can range from $3-$10/sq.ft. on the low end. This can be a low-cost item when designing in such a small space.
• White subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern is a
popular design you’ll see on the cover of magazines and home improvement shows. Save money by looking for clearance tiles.
• Sconces on each side of the mantle are a great option to highlight artwork or décor.

Want to create a contemporary concrete fireplace on a budget? Build out the fireplace frame with drywall, floor to ceiling, and apply three coats (or more until you’ve reached the desired effect) of eco-friendly Roman clay onto a smooth wall for a soft and cloudy look.

Inserting an electric energy efficient fireplace can be an affordable option because you won’t need to insert a chimney, which could cost upwards of $8,000. Make sure to read reviews before purchasing your fireplace, as not all are created equal. Some electric fireplaces are strictly for looks and don’t output heat.

Have a woodburning fireplace? Make the space functional by adding wood storage within the face or sidewall of the fireplace for both convenience and functionality.



Painting a brick fireplace white will broaden the space and is ideal for rooms lacking natural sunlight. Add a natural element like a slab of reclaimed wood as a mantle for depth.




A fireplace facelift adds value and a fresh look to your home, and the process doesn’t have to break the bank. On the cold winter nights ahead, you’ll be glad you made the investment.