3 ways a home warranty benefits real estate pros


Buyers and Sellers alike recognize that a home warranty can be an effective way to reach their homeownership goals. For Sellers, a home warranty protects their house’s systems and appliances while it’s on the market, making a smooth sale more likely. On the Buyer side, it reduces the likelihood of a large and unexpected cost after they move in. But what does a home warranty do for you, the real estate pro? Today, we’ll show you three ways a home warranty benefits real estate pros.

1. A home warranty protects your transaction

Real estate transactions have a ton of moving parts. From the personalities of the Buyers and Sellers you’re working with to potential problems with the home, there are all sorts of things that can cause a transaction to fall through. A systems and appliances home warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) can take some of those question marks off the table.

When you provide Seller coverage on listings, you give Sellers a solution for unexpected, sale-stopping systems and appliances breakdowns. When a covered system (e.g., plumbing) or appliance (e.g., refrigerator) stops working because of routine wear and tear, it can make Buyers nervous. “What else is wrong with this house, and will I be responsible?” they may wonder. Seller coverage puts those worries to bed. 2-10 HBW can help address unexpected snags in the sales process due to breakdowns and keep the transaction moving, making a successful sale more likely.

2. A home warranty can speed up the sales process

Did you know that Sellers use a home warranty more than any other incentive (even cash considerations) to put on-the-fence Buyers over the top? Buyers have a lot on their plate as they approach closing. Mortgages, down payments, moving trucks, and more can quickly drain their financial reserves. The thought that something might go wrong after they sign the last document can make them hesitate. A home warranty can reduce that uncertainty.

When the Seller provides Buyer coverage or you gift a home warranty to your clients, it’s much easier to turn a “Well, I’m not sure . . .” into a “Where do I sign?” Buyers want peace of mind that the house they’re buying isn’t going to turn out to be a dud. A home warranty from 2-10 HBW gives them that reassurance. It’s a comprehensive yet affordable way for Buyers to rest easy with their decision, knowing that if a major system or appliance breaks down, their house and budget both have protection against the unexpected.

3. It improves the experience of home ownership for your clients

Buying or selling a home can be scary. It’s part of your job to tilt the needle more toward thrilling than terrifying for your clients. Providing your clients with a home warranty can help you do that. Plus, when your clients are thrilled because of you, they’re more likely to refer you to others.

For Sellers, the idea of a major system or appliance breaking down while the house is on the market is worth worrying about. Those breakdowns can stall or stop a sale, and make it less enjoyable to live in the house as they try to sell it. Seller coverage from 2-10 HBW backs them up with complimentary coverage ($60 in Florida) for their home’s most important systems and appliances. That definitely improves the experience of home ownership as they embark on one of the biggest events of their lives—selling their home.

For Buyers, a home warranty can give them a safety net immediately after their down payment. It also gives them access to 2-10 HBW’s top-tier contractor network. This can relieve the stress of figuring out how to address systems and appliances breakdowns in their new home. With 7 in 10 homes experiencing a system or appliance breakdown in any given year, a home warranty can be truly valuable to your clients. When you provide value, your clients are much more likely to refer you.


A home warranty can protect your transaction against expensive, unexpected, inconvenient breakdowns. It can also help hesitant Buyers get over the buying hump. And when your clients have a positive home ownership experience because you provided them with a home warranty from 2-10 HBW, they’ll want to share that with others. Benefit your clients and yourself by enrolling your homes with a home warranty from 2-10 HBW.

2-10 HBW offers comprehensive systems and appliances home warranties to help protect your clients from unexpected repair and replacement costs. Contact us to learn more.