Top Bathroom Design Trends We Can’t Live Without


As 2019 takes off, we’ve seen a wide variety of trends woven in to create looks incorporating elements from industrial to farmhouse, but there are some design trends popping up in homes across America that we just can’t live without:

White tile: Timeless white tile is rising in popularity in today’s design, often times being utilized to enlarge a space, make the room look clean and bright. White subway tile has been favored on popular home improvement TV shows lately because it compliments and neutralizes bright colors or dominating patterns. Due to this, designers often use the white tile as a backsplash, to line the shower, or to pan the floor. White tile is less likely to become stained with common residue from mold and soap.

3D tile & texture: Adding depth to the room with tile allows you to play with decade design. Features like rounded squares can bring back an air of the ’70s while circles can reel in the art deco era. 3D Peel and stick tiles are also available, a great way to introduce high-end design in a rental.

Floating vanities: These works of art can transform any bathroom by customizing the counter height and playing with the ambiance of the room with the material selection. This fascinating futuristic trend enthralls designers with a clutter-free look and extends the necessity of minimalism.

Heated floors or towel warmers: Banish cold floors forever! Imagine stepping out of the steaming shower onto luxurious heated tile flooring. Electric heating coils are installed just below your flooring surface. If you don’t have a budget for ripping up flooring and installing this spendy system, you can still use the idea but on a smaller scale. A towel warmer can make a big difference, wrapping in comfort. A warmer is a great wall-hanging feature that saving space in even the smallest bathrooms while making a big impact on luxury.

Combined shower and bath area. Functional European bathrooms are heading to the States, where we’ve become obsessed with open-concept floorplans. This layout typically features tile floor to ceiling, and a drain in the middle of the room. Another feature may also display a bathtub separately alongside the shower area for a combined bathing space.

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