The Best Restaurants in Portland by Neighborhood


Proximity to great food is a very important factor when deciding where to live. Luckily in Portland, it’s not hard to find award-winning restaurants everywhere you look. Here are the top eateries in each PDX neighborhood.

The Pearl: Oven and Shaker

You’ll come to the Oven and Shaker for their amazing wood-fired pizza, and come back for the atmosphere. Don’t expect your traditional pizza flavors, the menu has fun offerings like the Maple Pig and the Spicy Salami featuring wildflower honey. There are a lot of pizza spots in Portland, and they can be hit or miss. Don’t miss, check out Oven and Shaker.

Northwest: Kung Pow!

Opened by Vo Chiem, 25 year veteran to restaurant management and one of the original managers of Panda Express. The Panda Express roots are felt, but with higher quality, fresh, and local ingredients. It is the Americanized Chinese food that you are used to, but better.

Sellwood: PDX Sliders

Simple. Flavorful. Amazing. PDX Sliders has a very basic concept with a menu full of burgers and sandwiches. They offer things like the Sellwood Burger with aioli on brioche and the Tilikum, a fried chicken sandwich smothered in Caroline BBQ sauce. There is also always a rotating seasonal sandwich that is always a tasty choice.

South Waterfront: Al Hawr

Lebanese food isn’t easy to come by in a lot of cities, but Portland is lucky enough to have multiple options. That being said, one of the best interpretations of traditional Lebanese cuisine is located right in the heart of the South Waterfront area. Al Hawr serves up tabouli, falafel, and all of the classics you love. If you aren’t familiar with Lebanese cuisine, this would be a great spot to give it a try.

St. John’s: Chop

You may have heard of Chop, a butcher shop on NW 21st ave. Well, the butchers at Chop have taken their expertise in meat, applied it to the art of sandwich making, and the results are phenomenal. Chop recently opened in St. John’s and features fresh-baked pastries, a variety of gourmet breads, and locally cured meats straight from Chop, all wrapped up inside a quiet little storefront. This new addition to St. John’s is one of the best lunch destinations in the city.

SE Division: Pok Pok

If you are moving to Portland, it’s only a matter of time before someone suggests you check out Pok Pok. This restaurant is chef Andy Ricker’s take on the cuisine of Thailand and Southeast Asia. Although they do have a multitude of more traditional dishes, the star of the show is the chicken. Don’t forget, you’ll need a reservation to dine at Pok Pok, so call ahead.

Mt. Tabor: Tabor Bread

Tabor Bread is not your typical bakery. All 15 varieties of bread are baked fresh every day with locally sourced ingredients. The smell of baked goods will draw you in like a scene from an old cartoon. They serve items like egg salad toast and tuna melts that make the bread the focal point for your tastebuds. You can even order a simple buttered cinnamon toast or just honey butter if you are a real bread-head.

Irvington: Cadillac Cafe

Eating at the Cadillac Cafe is like stepping into a time machine to a classic 60’s style diner. It’s reminiscent of a restaurant that your grandparents would eat at, but in the best way possible. If you want to get away from the Portland vibe and go back to a simpler time, grab breakfast here. You can eat all of your traditional diner foods such as patty melts, pancakes, eggs Benedict, and don’t forget a side of Cadillac potatoes.

Laurelhurst: Laurelhurst Market

This restaurant was voted as the Oregonian’s favorite steakhouse and for good reason. Laurelhurst Market is a very versatile restaurant that is the perfect location for a fancy date night or a quick bite for lunch. The variety of steak options seems to be endless and after your meal, you can stop by the deli on your way out to get a pound of bacon or your favorite sliced meat. If you are more interested in a simple lunch, you’re in luck. The sandwiches are outrageously good and worth every penny.

Alameda: Tacovore

This Eugene favorite recently took their talents north and opened a second location in the big city. Tacovore has amazing margaritas and affordable taco options. The highlight of the restaurant is the delicious hot sauce bar, where all sauces are made in house. A great spot to meet with a large group of friends for a quick and easy dinner.

Belmont/Sunnyside: Hat Yai

Everyone in the City of Roses is raving about Hat Yai. You can find good fried chicken on just about every corner of Portland, but not quite like this Thai style dinner. They also serve quite possibly the best roti you can imagine.

Buckman: Soro Soro Coffee and Dessert

Probably the most interesting spot on our list. Soro Soro is basically what would happen if you created a Hello Kitty themed coffee shop. Every treat comes with an “anime” inspired cartoon animal face that’s almost too cute to eat. Once you do bite into your pint-sized character, that feeling will soon dissipate because they are so delicious. Speaking of dissipating, if you are looking for an Instagram worthy experience, order the Snow Affogato.

Mississippi: Matt’s BBQ

This food cart is a staple of the Mississippi area. If you’ve Googled the best BBQ restaurants in Portland, you’ve already heard of Matt’s. You have to get to this food cart (located outside Prost) very early because most of their items sell out by one. We recommend The Whole Shebang for Two so you can sample everything along with a friend. Make sure to add on the queso and chips too, it’s like liquid gold!

Alberta Arts: Great Notion Brewery

Ok, so the unique beer options (like a blueberry muffin sour!) are the real reason that Great Notion tipped the scales and made the list, but don’t knock the food until you try it. You’ll see some regular bar food like fried chicken sandwiches and burgers, but the flavor is anything but basic. If you are into trying new things, the Buffalo Tostones (fried plantains) are the unique appetizer you didn’t know you needed. Grab a flight and chow down tonight.

There you have it, the top restaurants in most of the neighborhoods of Portland. If you think we missed your neighborhood, let us know!