Living in an A-frame home

A-frame wooden cabin in Oregon

The A-frame is a very popular home style in the Pacific Northwest. If you don’t know what an A-frame is, the name gives it away, it is literally shaped like the letter A. The style grew into popularity in the 1950s and has been going strong in the cascades ever since. These homes and cabins are simple, sleek, and the perfect home for many Northwesterners. If you are thinking about moving into an A-frame read on to learn more.


Although it has fairly thin walls usually, an A-frame has the perfect insulation for warm and cold climates. Western you are in Northern Washington or Southern Oregon, this style of home just works. They are extremely energy efficient in warm areas. While in a winter setting, snow slides right off, so you don’t have to worry about a roof collapse. The same goes for rainwater, no more climbing that ladder to clean your gutters.

Minimalist Lifestyle.

A-frames are usually quite small, so they are perfect for the minimalist lifestyle. They are usually single-level, but there are a lot of multi-level homes out there. Due to the shape of the construction, the floors get smaller as you go up. Because of this, they are ideal for couples or small families.


There is no need to worry about fungus or mold, the design of an A-frame helps the home to breathe thanks to ventilated cladding. Utility pipelines are usually concealed within the walls. For the most part, A-frames are built using eco-friendly timber.

If you are interested in finding an A-frame home, contact a local real estate agent here, and they will help you find a cozy fit.

A-Frame Cabin in Washington State

The Realtor Perspective.

“A-Frame cabins were invented in the 50s and they have the sharp angles and geometric boldness common in everything from cars to the clothes of that era. They enjoyed a couple of decades of popularity as an inexpensive building style for vacation homes, complete with shag carpet, wood stoves, and their signature front decks. The shape echos their environment from the outside, and their interiors feel both cozy and spacious at the same time. The roofs shed snow in the winter, and the decks are perfect for hot-tubs, so they are truly year-round getaways. I think their resurgence in popularity has to do with the nostalgia, a rediscovery of the zen-like simplicity, and a desire to reconnect with nature. Whether they are purchased for an Airbnb or a personal home, people like sharing their life’s experiences online with friends from all over the world, and these beautiful homes make great memories and great pictures to share giving them an “Instagram” factor.”

Daniel Newsome, Berkshire Hathway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate.