5 Stunning Seattle Home Design Trends 


5 Stunning Seattle Home Design Trends 

1.  Islands

Photo by Mark McCammon

Seattleites love kitchen islands and over the past couple years the trend has been growing into the bigger the island, the more functional. Islands have become the new statement piece whether it features a waterfall edge, seating for eight, or a tiered island to incorporate younger children. Tie in the latest trends by making your kitchen island less about featuring a fruit bowl and more about family functionality.


2. Elements

Living in the Pacific Northwest, you learn to accentuate earthly elements as they play into your daily life. Take a spin on water with an entryway water feature. Try a gas fire-pit coffee table on your patio to play with natural elements and pull the warmth of your home outdoors.

3. Play With Tile 

Take a note from this master bath design from Cement Tile Shop.

Tile is a great way to play with color, shape and texture without making a big impact on your home that requires other updates. Start small on a floor in the bathroom or laundry room to create an inviting space for guests that shows off your design aesthetic and personality.

4. Dramatic Heights

Continue the play on natural elements with height. From the tall spruces to the skyscrapers in our cityscape, make your ceilings and crown moldings pop. Use a magic eraser to brighten up crown molding around the ceiling in older homes or touch up with a fresh coat of bright glossy white paint to draw the eyes up.

Take advantage of ceiling height in main living spaces like the kitchen, living room and master bathroom. Investing in recessed lighting creates an enlargement effect, making your ceilings look higher and adding more value to your home.

5. Concrete & Wood

Marble of 2016-2017 is out and concrete is in! From coasters to floors and countertops, concrete is an eco-friendly option and affordable design statement piece. Concrete pieces are seen as matte, but you can easily add a little glossy sheen by buffing with a sander. Tie in natural elements in accents like wooden bowls and spoons to tie in natural surroundings.