3 Lifestyle Changes that will Boost Productivity


Are you hitting your true potential? Having a work-life balance is important and can actually improve your production day-to-day. If you are living your personal life to the fullest you’ll start to see a boost in your career as well. Here are some simple lifestyle changes to help you reach your high aspirations.

To-Do List

Now everyone probably has a to-do list, this is no life-changing revelation, but are you doing it right? Write up a new to-do list every night before you leave your office. This will help you hit the ground running right when you arrive at work (after your morning coffee of course). Why is this so important? It helps to build momentum for the day ahead. Now, this doesn’t have to be a physical list, you can use whatever day planning tool you would like, such as Asana or Trello, just as long as you are doing it daily. Make this change and start seeing your production soar.

Get Your Sleep

Another thing you have heard a million times, get eight hours of sleep each night. Now, of course, you know this, but do you actually hitting that mark? There are some simple changes you can make to help increase your sleep. The most important change would be to get that phone out of your hands. Many people think answering client emails at all times of the night makes you look like a hard worker, but if it means losing productivity the next day is it really worth it? Plug your phone into an outlet in another room and hit the hay early. Let your brain rest for at least a half-hour before going to bed, that means no TV either, try a book. Avoid caffeine late in the afternoon, the more sleep you get the less you will need the extra boost the following day. This lifestyle change is gradual, but once your body gets used to the extra rest you will have the energy to do much more.

Break a sweat in the morning.

Now that you’re getting a little more rest, you can afford to get up 20 minutes earlier for a bit of a workout. You don’t need to run 20 miles, just break a little sweat. This could be a Bowflex in the garage, yoga in the yard, or a quick jog around the block. Working out early gets your endorphins pumping, which is not only healthy for your body, but for your mind. This activity will truly wake you up and get you ready for your day of open houses, cold calls, and client meetings.

These tips are things you’ve heard before, but now is the time to actually make the change. Not only will you improve your career, but your personal health will benefit.