Things to Know Before Moving to Seattle


Have you been curious about moving to the Pacific Northwest’s Emerald City? There’s a lot more to Seattle than Amazon, coffee, and rain. Here is everything you need to know about moving to the nation’s 18th largest metropolitan area.


Yes, it is rainy in Seattle, but it’s not what you think. Although the rainy season lasts around nine months out of the year, it isn’t a constant downpour. It is more of a mist or fog in the air, so you won’t need your rain jacket all day every day. What you will want to prepare for is the dreary periods of no sunlight. The mild, wet temperature is so much tolerable than the freezing cold of the Midwest and East coast. In the summer months, temperatures rarely rise any higher than a dry 80 degrees making it one of the most comfortable climates imaginable.

No Income Tax

We’ll keep this one short and sweet. There is no state income tax in Washington, although you will get hit with a sales tax at the city level.

Modern Jobs

You’ll find some of the biggest names in tech are hiring left and right. It’s like the Silicon Valley North campus. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more all have headquarters in the city. Amazon even has an entire campus, its own line of buses to get you to work, and a giant, glass “indoor park” to help you deal with the rainy season.

Professional Sports

In Seattle, you’ll cover most of your major pro sports leagues. You have your football, (Seahawks) your baseball, (Mariners) your soccer, (Reign, Sounders), and your basketball (Storm). The city has even added a brand new team to the roster, Seattle Kraken will be joining the NHL next season.

Walkability and Biking

Seattle is one of the most walkable cities in the US and comes in at a whopping 98 on If walking isn’t your speed, but you still live a car-free lifestyle, biking is also extremely easy in Seattle. Not only are their bike lanes and trails everywhere, but there is also a “bike highway” called the Burke-Gilman Trail. This trail runs from the northern point of Lake Washington to the Puget Sound.

Pick a Neighborhood.

There are a lot of neighborhood options, all with their own unique charm. Capitol Hill, Ballard, the U District, Rainier Beach, Greenwood, Fremont, Beacon Hill, Georgetown, Green Lake, Columbia City, First Hill, Queen Anne, Lake City, and across the river you’ll find West Seattle. You’ll definitely want to do some exploring before deciding on where to buy your home.

Coffee Connoisseurs

Yes, there are Starbucks on every corner, but that’s the norm across the country these days. Seattleite’s are crazy about their coffee and you will find local shops on each corner as well. Some notable beans can be found at Ballard Coffee Works, Espresso Vivace, Herkimer Coffee, and All-City Coffee.

Beer Too

There are 174 different breweries in Seattle and that number is climbing, so beer lovers rejoice! You can find a new brewery on every corner and a great new local beer at every corner store.

If all of the previous points listed excite you, it’s time to get serious about your move. Choose a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate broker today for an expert in the area that can help you find a home that fits your budget. To get some help with your search, contact us here and virtually tour some amazing homes.