Flowers That Thrive in Pacific Northwest Gardens


The Pacific Northwest has a very unique temperate climate. Although it is well known for its rainy season, the summer is mild and dry. This may have you wondering, what flowers can I plant that will thrive this summer? Read further to learn about some of the top flowers to use when landscaping your PNW yard.


These flowers come in just about every color of the rainbow. They are native to woodlands and cool, mountainous regions. They are the perfect addition to gardens in Washington and Oregon alike.


The Northwest is known for its different varieties of roses. Portland, OR is specifically is known as “Rose City,” and is home to the International Rose Test Garden. Because of this, you have no trouble finding any variety of rose imaginable.


Dahlias are another beautiful plant you will see lining Pacific Northwest neighborhoods each spring. The Dahlia is an ornamental bloomer so you should make sure to trim off the heads as they die off thus giving you more blooms each season. For more tips read 10 tips for growing successful dahlias.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisies bloom in the summer but will provide greenery year-round. Make sure you plant in a partially shaded area and with plenty of drainage. They are perfect perennials for northwest states.


The final entry on the list is the tulip. This is usually the first sign of spring to northwesterners. You will see them pop up in rows in late February or March. Tulips will generally flower for at least a few years so you can enjoy them again and again. Woodburn, Oregon is actually home to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival where tourists can see thousands of tulips grown in rows.